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Keeping in touch

We understand how difficult it is to be in hospital and not have a visitor and how hard it can be to have a loved one in hospital and not be able to visit. There are several ways that we can help.

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Welcome to East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

We are proud of the wide range of general and specialist services we provide to our patients. We have over 5,000 dedicated staff making sure our patients get the best care.

About our Trust

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Use our form to send your message to an inpatient at Lister Hospital or Mount Vernon Cancer Centre. Messages will be printed and delivered by staff to the wards each day.

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Support with your medication

The pharmacy team at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust want to ensure that patients are comfortable and confident taking the medication that has been prescribed to them. This page explains how you can find out more information about the support available to you

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