Visiting Wards

We understand that it is a challenging time for people when someone they care about is in hospital. Visitors are welcome on our wards as this can help our patients feel better.

When visiting a patient:

  • Please wash your hands at the start and end of your visit
  • Two visitors are allowed to visit a patient at the one time
  • Please do not sit on the bed
  • If you are unwell please do not come to visit
  • Children are only allowed to visit in certain circumstances, please discuss this with the nurse in charge of the ward
  • Our patients are in hospital because they are unwell and need to rest. Please keep noise levels to a minimum and put your mobile phone on silent.

Our ward Matrons and Sisters have developed a Visitors Charter for visitors to our inpatient wards. This sets out what our staff will do for visitors and what we expect of visitors to our wards. Our priority is caring for our patients, but we will do our best to be flexible to the needs of visitors.

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Free wifi is available at Lister Hospital and Mount Vernon Cancer Centre.

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