Stoma care

A stoma (a Greek word meaning ‘mouth’ or ‘opening’) is created to divert the flow of faeces and/or urine to a bag outside of the body. The most common stomas we deal with are:

  • End colostomy
  • Loop colostomy
  • End ileostomy
  • Loop ileostomy
  • Jejunostomy
  • Caecostomy
  • Ileal conduit (also known as a urostomy)
  • Transverse loop colostomy

We provide practical advice and guidance on stoma care to patients and relatives in both hospital and community settings. We see a variety of different people, from newborns to patients in their nineties.

The stoma care department holds clinics five days a week (Monday to Friday). Patients can refer themselves to the service by getting in touch with the team. An annual check-up with the stoma nurses is advised.

Stoma care team:

  • Gill Reay-Jones
  • Mandy Rimmer-Gray
  • Karen Gilbert
  • Neena Dingley
  • Rachel Somers

Annual stoma care open day

The stoma care team hold an annual open day event in Hertfordshire with representation from stoma companies. If you’d like to find out more please contact the team.

Stoma support group (Stevenage Ostomistics)

A stoma support group meet monthly at the Oval Community Centre in Stevenage. For more information about the group please contact Alfred Levy on 01767 316958 or email

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Contact the team

You can contact the stoma care team from Monday to Friday, between 7am to 5pm. Any messages after 3pm may not be answered until the following working day.

Call: 01438 284133

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