Breast Imaging

The Breast Imaging department is in the Vicki Adkins Breast Unit at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital.

Our purpose built breast unit is for patients presenting with breast problems or those attending for follow up surveillance. The unit was built between the Trust and the Hertfordshire Breast Unit Appeal and was named after their founder, Vicki Adkins.

Our Breast Imaging department has state of the art equipment including two full field digital mammography units, digital x-ray guided biopsy devices, including both a sitting and a prone table unit, ultrasound and vacuum assisted biopsy device. All images are stored digitally, which means images can be seen electronically in the clinic, theatre and other locations where needed.

A range of procedures are done in Breast Imaging, including mammography, ultrasound, biopsy and pre-surgical procedures.

There are many benefits to housing our breast imaging service within a dedicated breast unit. All the breast imaging services are in one building, which has improved patient access and means a faster turnaround time for appointments and results. It also means we’re easily able to confer with colleagues and other health professionals making it easier to have discussions about our patients’ needs.

There is a comfortable waiting room with a tea bar manned by volunteers. We are fortunate to have the support of attentive volunteers who also greet patients and escort them to various rooms in the building. If you’d like to be a volunteer in the Breast Unit please contact the Voluntary Services team or call them on 01438 314 4285.

Our team

All of the team are committed to their patients and always aim for optimal quality whilst having a caring and friendly approach. There are three dedicated Breast Radiologists that work in the Multidisciplinary team for all breast problems. Each session is also staffed the by a team, including a mammographer, a nurse and admin personnel.

All mammographers have all achieved a Post Graduate Certificate in Mammography. There is also an Advanced Practitioner who double reports mammograms and independently carries out breast ultrasound, biopsies and pre-surgical procedures.

The Radiologists and Advanced Practitioners have their competence in mammogram reporting audited twice each year.

Patient information leaflets

All our leaflets can be found under the Radiology section of our patient information library, or you can click below to download them.

Breast Ultrasound
Core Biopsy of the Breast using X-ray Guidance
Fine Needle Aspiration & Core Biopsy of the Breast using Ultrasound Guidance
Vacuum Assisted Excision Biopsy of Breast Lesions using X-Ray or Ultrasound Guidance

Private patients

The Breast Imaging department runs a dedicated private patient session on a Tuesday evening. You can read more about our private patient service and find out how to make an appointment.

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