Oral and maxillo-facial surgery (OMFS)

The team supports patients with oral and maxillo-facial problems, including restorative dentistry. We provide clinics for our patients in the outpatients departments at the Lister and New QEII hospitals, with any operations are carried out in the day surgery units at the Lister.

Maxillofacial laboratory – what do we do?

The maxillo-facial laboratory fabricates custom-made medical devices, appliances and prostheses to prescription. The technologists also plan, construct and provide prostheses directly to referred patients.

Why do we do it?

The devices, appliances and prostheses aid the treatment, rehabilitation, aesthetic appearance, and function to patients who have congenital abnormalities, facial or body deformities, resulting from traumatic injuries, malignancy, disease or surgery.

What do we make?

  • Facial and body silicone prostheses
  • Removable, fixed and functional orthodontic appliances
  • Cast, wrought, pressure formed and methyl methacrylate trauma splints
  • Sleep apnoea devices
  • Splints, wafers and planning models for orthognathic surgery
  • Occlusal splints and devices for treatment of TMJ disorders
  • Obturators for cleft palate and maxillectomy patients
  • Implant retained prostheses and dentures for compromised patients
  • Computerised orthognathic treatment planning
  • Prosthetic eyes

Where is the laboratory?

The maxillo-facial laboratory is located on level two at the Lister – access is via the X-ray file library corridor.

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