Paying for your treatment

Private Care at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre is offered to the following patients:

Insured – If you are covered by private medical insurance, it is important that you contact your provider and discuss your treatment needs. Once they confirm your level of cover you will be given an authorisation code, which you will be asked for on your first visit to Mount Vernon.

Self-paying – If you are a self-paying patient you will be required to pay a 100% deposit prior to your appointment and/or admission. The deposit will be as near to the full cost of your treatment as it can be fairly estimated. Where the actual cost of services received is less than the amount paid, you will receive a refund of the difference. Any additional charges will be billed after your treatment.

Embassy or other third party – We are normally able to invoice overseas embassies or other third parties directly on behalf of patients. A letter of guarantee will need to be provided before any appointments or treatment can be offered.

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