Fetal medicine

This is a consultant-led service providing specialist care.  The team consists of consultants, midwives, health care assistants and the administration team.

We see women who have been referred following an ultrasound scan that may have detected a concern with the baby’s anatomy or growth.  We run a multi-disciplinary service and meet regularly to discuss cases with our neonatal colleagues.  We have a close working relationship with specialist fetal medicine teams in tertiary units – including at University College Hospital, London – to help plan on-going care for some pregnancies. 

We work closely with the regional genetics department and laboratory to provide diagnostic tests for some women who may have an increased screening risk for Down’s syndrome or when a chromosome problem is suspected in the baby.  We perform the following invasive tests: amniocentesis (amnio) and chorion villous sample (CVS).

At each visit an ultrasound scan will be carried out, followed by a discussion with the doctor about the findings.  Follow-up appointments may be arranged on an individual basis.  Close communication is maintained with your referring consultant, GP and midwife whilst you are in our care.

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