Labour – when to come to hospital

Please remember

Your body already knows how to give birth but labour is a journey that can take a long time. This is NORMAL

Your contractions have become intense and regular

Labour is different for every woman but as a guide you should be experiencing at least 3 contractions in each 10 minute period, lasting approximately 1 minute.

Your ‘waters’ break

This may be with a ‘gush’ or you may feel small trickles of fluid. If you are unsure whether they have broken or not please contact the hospital.

You are not feeling the baby move as much as normal

You should be used to your baby’s pattern of movements, any deviation from this, contact the hospital to arrange a monitoring.

You experience any vaginal bleeding

During the latent phase of labour many women will have a ‘show’ which is where the mucus plug blocking the cervix comes away. This is often mixed with some blood which appears ‘sticky’.  If you experience any fresh bleeding however please contact the hospital.

If you come to the hospital and are assessed by your midwife to still be in the latent phase of labour, it is likely they will encourage you to return home.

If you have any concerns or are unsure of whether it is time to come in ALWAYS phone for advice.

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