Active birth workshop (Enhanced maternity services)

Doing all you can to have the birth you want

We offer an active birth workshop run by experienced midwives to help enhance your antenatal experience and to prepare you and your birth partner for your baby’s arrival.

The active birth workshop provides antenatal information and advice in a friendly and relaxed environment. The workshop is ideal for first time parents and for families with children already.

With time for discussion, the workshop aims to meet your needs and those of birth partners, helping to to ensure that you and your family are prepared and confident for labour and birth.

You will learn more about having an active birth, allowing the natural effects of hormones, which work with gravity and movement, to make your contractions more effective.

Why active birth?

An active birth gives you a higher chance of you experiencing the birth that you want.

  • Learn about optimal foetal positioning – helping your baby get into the best possible position before you go into labour
  • Learn about the different stages of labour, including the latent phase
  • Learn about positions for labour and birth, and using gravity and movement
  • For birthing partners, find out what you can do to give the best support to your partner
  • Learn about coping strategies for when you are in labour
  • Meet other parents-to-be and tour the Diamond Jubilee Maternity Unit

We recommend active birth classes from 34 weeks of pregnancy onwards.

Cost: £50 per couple. Workshops are held twice a month on Saturday mornings, 9am – 1pm, with refreshments included.

To book a workshop, please telephone 07775 010 331.


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