Early pregnancy

Early pregnancy includes the time from conception to 14 weeks of pregnancy. Remember that your pregnancy is dated from the first day of your last period so you will already be around two weeks pregnant when you miss your period.

Once you have had your pregnancy confirmed you will have your first appointment with your midwife. A detailed medical history will be taken and questions will be asked about you and your partner’s health and lifestyle. This is so that the right level of care is given to you throughout your pregnancy.

At your booking appointment you will be given an information pack that is useful for both parents to read. It includes information on early pregnancy ailments, advice on general health and well-being and vouchers and coupons for use when baby arrives.

Things to consider in the first trimester

You may or may not experience pregnancy symptoms from very early on – there is no set rule where pregnancy is concerned and some women experience a range of ailments, whereas others don’t have any. Don’t be alarmed either way – you can talk to a midwife if you feel worried in between appointments by calling 01438 284533.

Problems in early pregnancy

Occasionally you may experience problems in early pregnancy such as excessive sickness, pain or bleeding and you may need to be assessed in our Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU).  You can telephone this service for advice and information on 01438 286190.  Your GP is able to refer you to this service if required.

The unit is led by:

Miss Sawant
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, and supported by:

Fay Clark
Nurse Practitioner

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