Dacre ward

Antenatal inpatients and induction of labour

Dacre Ward provides care for antenatal women who require admission during their pregnancy.  In general the women who are admitted to the ward are greater than 20 weeks pregnant and will have had their anomaly scan.  A complication in pregnancy will have meant that you need to become an inpatient for closer observation than attending clinic or DAU could provide.

Occasionally we care for women in the earlier stages of pregnancy (<20 weeks) or postnatal women and babies who are admitted to the ward.

We work closely with all the other wards within the maternity unit and have a multidisciplinary approach to the care we give.

The lead member of staff for Dacre Ward is:

Rebecca Merrifield
Ward manager


Dacre Ward is also the ward that you will be admitted to if you have not given birth to your baby and are overdue by 12 days. Please follow the link to the induction of labour leaflet as there are a few things you can try before we induce your labour. If your labour does need to be induced this does not exclude you from going to the MLU if you have had an uncomplicated pregnancy. You will however need to go to CLU if you need the drip (syntocinon infusion) to help you have contractions.

Induction of labour can take several days to achieve and there are occasions where we have to wait, especially if the maternity unit is experiencing a very busy period. We decide to wait to keep both you and your baby safe until we feel we can care for you appropriately.

You can find our induction of labour leaflet on the patient information leaflets page – just scroll down to the maternity section

Patient experience is very important to us and helps us continue to improve our service. If you are discharged from Dacre and are still pregnant please ask to fill in a family and friends questionnaire.

At present the members of staff who work on Dacre are Midwives, Student Midwives, Housekeeper, Obstetricians, Pharmacists, Ward Clerks and G4S cleaning contractor.

Please note: Space on the Dacre Ward is limited, so we encourage you to keep your belongings to a minimum and only bring essential items with you to the hospital. We also advise you to leave any valuables or excessive amounts of money at home as we do not have secure places available to lock away.

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Direct line: 01438 284072

Visiting Hours

Partners and siblings: 8.00am to 10.00pm (one other person can be nominated to visit in place of your husband/partner

All other visitors: 3.00 to 5.00pm and again from 7.00 to 8.00pm - restricted to two visitors and husband/partner per bed (i.e. a maximum of three people at any one time)

Sorry, but no infants under 12 months of age should be brought on to the ward.

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