Consultant led unit

Welcome to the Consultant led unit at the Diamond Jubilee Maternity Unit! Here you will be seen and cared for by a dedicated, friendly team of midwives, doctors and support staff.


Our aim is to help all women who have pre-existing medical conditions, complicated pregnancies and/or labours to achieve a safe outcome. To do this we have a unit that is tailored to your needs that include:

3 high risk induction of labour rooms with en suite facilities for women who need closer observation during the induction process. Your birthing partner is free to visit you during the day, staying overnight can be discussed with the midwives.
3 bedded Triage area where women are seen following telephone contact. Here you will be seen by a midwife on a priority of care basis – that is the most urgent first. You will then be referred to a doctor, if required, and further tests may be undertaken. There may be a wait to be seen or for test results – so please feel free to bring or buy refreshments once you have been seen by the midwife
9 delivery rooms with en-suite facilities plus one with a birthing pool. Here your nominated birthing partner (s) – up to a maximum of two – can remain with you whilst you are in labour until the baby is born and you are transferred to the postnatal ward or go home from CLU.
2 dedicated theatres used for elective and emergency procedures. One birthing partner can accompany you into theatre – if a general anaesthetic is required then your birthing partner can stay in the waiting area next to the theatres.
2 bedded recovery area for post operative care. Here your birthing partner can visit you until you are transferred to the postnatal ward. Unfortunately only one visitor and no children are able to visit as this is a theatre recovery area.
2 bedded close observation area for women who require a higher level of observation/care either antenataly or postnatally. As this is a high dependency care area visiting is kept at just the birthing partner
Multiple birth room for labouring women who are expecting twins. As with other delivery rooms up to 2 nominated birthing partners can visit.
Neonatal support from a team of neonatal doctors and nurses in the Special care baby unit next to the CLU.

When to call in:

  • If you have any concerns regarding the baby’s movements – if the movements are not normal for your baby.
  • Any vaginal bleeding.
  • Any vaginal fluid loss.
  • Regular, painful contractions.Any pregnancy related concerns.

Care in labour:

Our midwives aim to act as your advocate – you will be encouraged to mobilise, use the birthing balls, take a light diet (if appropriate) and drink normally. If required you will be regularly reviewed by the team of Doctors on call who will, along with you your midwife discuss plans of care to help you in your labour.


On the CLU we encourage mobility and natural methods of pain relief. We can also provide entonox for inhalational analgesia. If further pain relief is required we can offer morphine or an epidural once in established labour.

Length of stay:

The usual amount of time spent on CLU once your baby has been born is a couple of hours if all is well. From CLU you and your baby will then either be transferred to the postnatal ward or home  –  if there have been no complications

Please note: During your time on the CLU you can have up to two birthing partners with you. We do not allow any other visitors.

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