Amenity rooms

Availability and admission criteria

These are rooms available at an extra cost for women who request additional privacy after they give birth. The rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be held or booked in advance. The midwives will assess you to ensure it is safe for you to be in a side room, particularly off the main ward area.

If you had a caesarean section, any complications during the birth of your baby, or there are any concerns with you or your baby’s well-being, the midwives on the ward will need to observe you for a period of time – which may delay you accessing a side room. If you are already occupying an amenity room and either you or your baby becomes unwell, requiring closer observation, then you may be moved back into the open ward area. This will enable the staff to give the appropriate care for you or your baby.

These rooms are also used by women requiring segregation from the main ward bays or are being cared for in exceptional circumstances – these women will take priority. If you are occupying an amenity room that is needed for a clinical reason by another woman, we will need to relocate you to an alternative room or in the open ward area.


The costs of these rooms are as follows:

  • Side rooms – £90 per day. There are three side rooms and one of these rooms has an en-suite toilet.
  • Amenity rooms – £225 per day. These rooms have en-suite facilities.  We have two amenity rooms, which are located off the main ward area.

Payment is for the room only and does not constitute private midwifery or medical treatment or care.


An amenity room booking form should be completed on arrival in to the room, which will request your payment details.  Rooms will be charged per each day’s use. When you leave to go home, payment will be taken for the number of days the room has been used.

En-suite Room

The following facilities are included in cost of an en-suite amenity room:

  • Single room
  • Tea/coffee making facilities for two people
  • Hairdryer and television
  • An overnight companion may stay, as long as they abide by the code of conduct agreement
  • The overnight companion may use en-suite facilities

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