Termination of pregnancy service

We know that the decision to terminate a pregnancy is very difficult to make. We are committed to maintaining your confidentiality throughout and we will support you through the decision making process – both during and after the procedure. We also provide advice on methods of contraception.

Our dedicated team is led by a consultant who works closely with other doctors, efficient nurses and support workers to provide safe, high quality and compassionate care.

What happens in the clinic?

You will be shown to a waiting area. You will then be seen by a member of the team who will ask you questions about your health. An ultrasound scan will then be performed to confirm pregnancy.  In most cases, ultrasound scan is performed through the abdomen. In some cases, an internal scan may be required.

You will be required to have blood tests and you may be offered a chlamydia test, which you can perform yourself at home or a sample may be taken in the clinic by our team member. You may attend with your partner, relative, friend or anyone else. We are able to allow two people to accompany you during your consultation.

What methods are used?

None of the methods we provide is superior to the other. You will choose a method that is convenient for you.

  • Medical termination of pregnancy: This is the use of tablets to terminate the pregnancy. The first part is provided on the clinic day (Thursday). The second part is provided two days after the first (Saturday). The second part can be done in our special clinic or a patient may choose to perform herself at home. In some cases you may be admitted to the ward for the second part. Your service provider will discuss all options with you depending on how far the pregnancy has gone and other factors.
  • Surgical termination: This is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthesia. You are expected to go home on the same day. We aim to perform the procedure within five working days from the clinic day. If the pregnancy is more than 12 weeks, we will not be able to provide this service in our hospital.

Where are the clinics located?

Our Thursday clinic is situated in Woodlands building in the pink zone at the Lister. The Saturday clinic is situated in pink zone in the Bancroft clinic area at the Lister hospital.

How appointments are booked?

You may refer yourself by calling us between 9.00am and 5.00pm on either 01438 286190 or 01438 286194. You may also be referred by your GP or other service providers. You are advised to inform us if you have any significant medical history when booking an appointment. This is so that doctor and nurses are aware in advance of your appointment, allowing them to make an appropriate and safe treatment plan. Please bring with you any medical letters or prescription that you may have to the consultation.

Our key clinical Staff

  • Mr Imani Kondo – consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist (Service Lead)
  • Dr Paola Borrelli – associate specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Carne Childs – gynaecology nurse practitioner (lead nurse)
  • Sophie Kitching – gynaecology nurse practitioner
  • Melissa Yeomanson – gynaecology nurse practitioner
  • Jessica Gondola – gynaecology nurse practitioner

Jasmin Chahal – secretary to Mr Imani Kondo 01438 284102

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