Pregnancy advisory service

The team at the Lister hospital offers a consultant-led dedicated service for termination of pregnancies.

Our clinic offers outpatient and inpatient medical (non-surgical) treatment and inpatient surgical treatment.  The medical treatment involved can be commenced on the same day that you are first seen.  We aim to provide surgical treatment within five working days.

During your appointment you will see a consultant who will assess your medical condition, perform an ultrasound scan and discuss the suitable options of inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical treatments with you.  We will also help you choose the best contraception for you.

We appreciate that this is a very difficult decision to make and we will support you before, during and after the process.  If it will help you, we can also refer you to a counseling service for further support.

We assure you of complete confidentiality, and will respect your decisions at all times.  We will give you choices over who we send any letters to – including you and your GP, and where we send them.

You can refer yourself to this service by contacting us Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) by calling us between 9.00am and 5.00pm on either of:

  • 01438 286190 or 01438 286194.

You can also be referred into the service by your GP or community sexual health and family planning services.


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