Outpatient hysteroscopy clinics

We aim to provide both a diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy service. Hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows direct assessment of the cavity of the womb with a thin telescope.

Who needs hysteroscopy?

There are various reasons why a woman may need a hysteroscopy, such as:

  • Bleeding after menopause.
  • Menstrual bleeding disorders, such as heavy menstrual loss and bleeding in between periods.
  • Discovery of a endometrial polyp (small grape like growths in the cavity of the womb) on a pelvic ultrasound scan.
  • Fibroid inside the cavity of the womb.
  • Structural abnormalities of the womb in women with history of infertility.
  • Removing or changing intrauterine coils.

It is important to understand that hysteroscopy is not for investigating pain symptoms.

What procedures are performed?

  • Diagnostic procedures: diagnostic hysteroscopy to assess the cavity of the womb. Biopsy of the lining of the womb may be taken at the end of this procedure.
  • Therapeutic hysteroscopy procedures: removal of polyps by a special device known as myosure. Change or removal of coils and removal of cervical polyps.

Where are the clinics located?

  • Lister Hospital: Outpatient hysteroscopy clinic is situated in Bancroft clinic area at the Lister.
  • Hertford County Hospital: Clinic is located on the first floor in clinic room C.

How appointments are booked?

Women are referred directly from GPs, general gynaecology clinics or other specialties. All referrals are reviewed by our experts before an appointment is made. In some cases, an ultrasound scan is booked prior to the clinic on the same day. This enables management plan to be discussed in one visit.

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To see us you will need to be referred by your GP or other specialist.

If you need to get in touch at any time after you’ve been referred, you can contact hysteroscopy booking coordinator, Cristina Stan – 01438 286177

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