Early pregnancy and gynaecology emergency unit

We are a very active unit located in the Woodlands building (pink zone) at the Lister hospital and we see around 5,500 women every year. 

Our team is proud to provide compassionate care during anxious times in early pregnancy, when you may be experiencing pain and/or bleeding or have had a previous ectopic or molar pregnancy. 

We have a dedicated team of nurse practitioners, doctors, sonographers and consultants who aim to offer seamless care to assess, diagnose and offer treatment and support if required.

We strive for continuous improvement and provide evidence based care. We value all people and strive to be open, honest and accountable for the care provided. We listen to patient feedback to deliver patient-centred care.

What is our aim?

  • To provide high quality, compassionate care
  • To provide a one-stop service. This involves clinical review, investigations, diagnosis and treatment on the same day. This may not always possible depending on service demand and the type of investigation, monitoring or treatment you may need.

How do you access us?:

  • We accept GP, midwife and A&E referrals for assessment
  • Scan is an appointment based service and we aim to see you at your given appointment time, but if you have been referred as an emergency without an appointment time or if you require further assessment or investigations then there may be a waiting time to be seen, which can vary. We will keep you updated and we have refreshments available for your comfort.
  • You can also self refer if you have had your booking appointment with your midwife in our hospital, or have a previous history of molar or ectopic pregnancy.

Opening Hours for patient assessment and care planning

  • 08.30am – 7.00pm Monday – Friday
  • 9.00am – 4.00pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday (except Christmas Day)

Ultrasound services

There is dedicated team of trained sonographers and consultants who provide the ultrasound services.

If a scan is required and where it can not be performed on the same day we will do our best to ensure that any wait is as short as it can be and we will endeavour to keep you updated of any delays.

Opening Hours for ultrasound scan services

  • 8.30 to 16.30 Monday- Friday
  • 10.00 to 12.00 Sunday and Bank Holiday except 25th December

Gynaecology Emergencies – (non pregnant)

We also accept GP referrals for emergency gynaecology problems.

We have a dedicated gynaecology team of doctors and nurse practitioners to care for you and to make a full assessment of your symptoms. As part of this assessment, they may ask for investigations that may be performed on the same day or within ‘urgent’ time frames and a management plan will be made for you.

Occasionally, for both early pregnancy and emergency gynaecology  you may need to be admitted into hospital for us to perform further investigations, monitor you,  or initiate treatment – but we will keep you informed of this and support you through this process.

Services Provided

  • Clinical assessment if you present with symptoms in early pregnancy
  • USS scan to assess pregnancy, pelvis, ovaries
  • Medical/surgical/conservative management for miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy
  • Surgical management of miscarriage under Local anaesthesia (MVA)
  • Out patient Treatment for hyperemesis (vomiting in early pregnancy)
  • Out patient treatment for Bartholins abscess
  • Telephone advise and follow up regarding further investigations, assessment of symptoms and management plans

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Useful Info

Telephone advice and support

We aim to support you over the phone and at home as much as possible, because we know how difficult it can be to come into hospital.

Please call us for advice and information on 01438 286190/01438 286194.

There’s more information available in our patient information leaflets

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