Fracture clinics

The Trust’s orthopaedic and trauma outpatient team runs fracture clinics at the Lister and New QEII hospitals – with the main service now at the Lister (located in the hospital’s outpatients department). We are a small friendly team of nurses, medical staff, specialist practitioners and clerical staff. We aim to offer a professional and patient focused service.

We are open from Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm. (We are not open at weekends or on bank holidays)

Our services

Our fracture clinic deals with all orthopaedic patients that have had an accident or injury. Patients are referred usually by A&E (or in the case of the New QEII, it’s 24/7 urgent care centre) or GPs.

Our plaster room works with our fracture clinics and is staffed by orthopaedic practitioners. They are responsible for the applying all types of casts, using up to date techniques and materials. They also fit orthotics/braces and splints.

Orthopaedic clinics treat patients who have specific orthopaedic problems and require a specialist opinion and treatment. This includes joint replacements, back pain and all other types of joint problems.

We run a pre-assessment clinic, which patients attend to ensure that they are fit for surgery . This also gives patients the opportunity to ask any further questions regarding their care.

The orthopaedic triage team are a group of specially trained physiotherapists, who see and assess patients referred to them by GPs.

The joint replacement clinic is a nurse led service offering long term follow up of patients that have had hip and knee replacements.

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Reception desk Telephone: 01438 284444 

Plaster Room: 01438 285801 (answer machine)

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