We have two accredited endoscopy units at the Lister and New QEll hospitals, which are supported by a complement of dedicated staff comprising consultants, specialist nurses, endoscopy nursing staff, clinical support workers, porters, administrative, domestic staff and volunteers.

There are six procedure rooms – four at the Lister and two at the New QEII – and two treatment rooms, where we perform over 11,000 gastrointestinal endoscopy procedures each year, including diagnostic, therapeutic and surveillance procedures across both hospital sites.

A wide range of therapeutic interventions (most of which are carried out at the Lister’s endoscopy unit) include: dilatation of strictures; insertion of oesophageal, biliary and colonic stents; laser treatment of tumours; percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) and endoscopic colopexy (PEC) tube insertion; polypectomy and endoscopic mucosal resection of polyps; and control of acute and chronic gastrointestinal bleeding.

Procedure New QEII Lister
Gastroscopy Diagnostic
Colonoscopy Diagnostic
Flexible sigmoidoscopy Diagnostic
Capsule endoscopy
Therapeutic interventions New QEII Lister
Laser treatment
Endo mucosal resections (EMR)
Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG)
Percutaneous endoscopic colopexy (PEC)
Non endoscopic tests carried out in endoscopy unit New QEII Lister
Hydrogen breath test
C13 breath test
Infliximab infusions
Supported services New QEII Lister
Flexible cystoscopy

Other services – including EUS, oesophageal ablation and manometry – are referred to other hospitals as part of specialist treatment arrangements, including Watford General, St Marks in North-west London, UCLH and the Royal Free (both in central London) and Addenbrokes in Cambridge.

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