Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Unit

Our paediatric oncology shared care unit (POSCU) provides services for children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Our team provides supportive care to these children and their families closer to home and where possible in the community. This care can include home visits, school visits, arranging admission to the local children’s ward for illness related to their cancer treatment and outpatient review.  The unit also provides limited outpatient chemotherapy.

We work closely with the oncology centre, where the child is receiving the majority of their cancer care and treatment. We also liaise closely with education and other agencies relevant to the care of these children.

After-treatment care is provided for children who have just finished treatment to monitor for recurrence, and also longer term follow-up to monitor for potential complications of treatment.

Our team is multidisciplinary and comprises of specialist trained nurses, doctors, pharmacist and supportive allied health professionals.

This service is located on the Mulberry Bush Unit at the Lister:

Outpatient treatment – Bramble Outpatient Unit
Inpatient treatment – Bluebell (Children’s) ward – 01438 285291

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Useful Info

Contact details

Adele Leveton
Lead Oncology Community Children’s Nurse
01438 284012

Jude Gazeley
Lead Oncology Community Children’s Nurse
01707 288370

Dr Rosalind Teh
Consultant Paediatrician
POSCU lead
01438 285318 (Secretary)

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