Lister Hospital Services

Children’s A&E (open 24 hours).

This service is for children who are brought in by their families or ambulance and for children who are referred by another health professional, for example their GP.

Our A&E sees more than 21,000 children a year. The A&E has a special waiting and treatment area for children and we also have a play specialist who helps distract or calm children while they are treated.

Children’s ambulatory unit

The unit opened in October 2008 and is next to our children’s A&E. It provides a safe and friendly environment for sick children who need rapid assessment and treatment and only need to be in hospital for a short stay and/or can receive treatments, such as intravenous antibiotics as a day patient

The unit has a liaison health visitor who helps co-ordinate the child’s care with schools, health visitors, GPs, social workers and community groups

Mulberry Bush children’s unit.

Our unit includes Bluebell ward, Bramble suite and the outpatients clinics. The unit is designed to make a child’s and their family’s time spent in the hospital as safe and comfortable as possible.

Bluebell ward

  • Has a combination of 14 beds or cots for all specialities including general paediatrics, ENT, Surgery, Plastics and Orthopaedics
  • We have two high dependency beds within the ward
  • Children are cared for in a child and family centred environment
  • The ward has its own play area and a garden where our guinea pigs and rabbit stay
  • We have a separate sitting room and bathroom facilities for teenagers
  • We care for children from birth to their 16th birthday.

The ward also cares for children with cancer on a shared care basis with Addenbrookes, Great Ormond Street and University College London Hospitals.

We also share the care for children with cystic fibrosis with the Royal Brompton, Addenbrookes and Great Ormond Street hospitals. Children with kidney, heart,  liver and metabolic conditions also receive shared care on the ward.

Safeguarding children, Bramble suite

Concerns that a child might have been the subject of mistreatment or abuse may arise in a wide range of circumstances. Many concerns can be addressed by the general children’s services, but there is a named doctor and named nurse in child protection whose function is to give guidance and help in more complex or difficult cases.

In October 2008 the Bramble suite was opened for the interview and examination of children who are suspected of being subjects of abuse.

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