Children and young people’s epilepsy service

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The children and young people’s epilepsy service runs dedicated epilepsy clinics with a specialist epilepsy nurse and consultant paediatrician, with a specialist qualification in epilepsy. All new appointments last for a minimum of 45 minutes and follow up appointments are for 20 minutes. We offer both community and acute based clinics.

We also carry out regular outreach clinics with a visiting neurologist from Addenbrookes Hospital.

We aim to see all new referrals within 2 weeks of accepting the referral, which is in line with NICE guidance.

In order for your child to access this service your GP will need to refer to them to our epilepsy clinic.

As a team we can help by providing information to you and your family on all aspects of epilepsy including medication, safety, lifestyle, education, triggers and other factors. This is to empower and encourage you to lead as full a life as possible.

For queries about your child’s appointment, please phone the contact centre on: 01438 284444.

For queries about your child’s medication or for additional advice please phone the clinical nurses specialist on 01438 288382/01438 288383 or email

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