Children and young people’s chronic fatigue service

The aim of the children and young people’s chronic fatigue service is to enable the patient and family to manage life with CFS/ME, work towards recovery in the best way possible and utilise any local or national resources which will help them do this.

The team work closely with GPs, the education services, school nurses and will also involve other agencies e.g. CAMHS and children’s schools and families if necessary.

The child or young person will be referred from your GP to a paediatric consultant to confirm diagnosis. The consultant will then refer on to the team


The initial appointment will be six weeks from referral by consultant paediatrician. This will include assessment of symptoms and how they impact on day to day life. You will then have a “talking” appointment with the clinical psychologist and the specialist nurse.

Each child will have an individualised management plan including:

  1. Baseline of activity identified – including physical, cognitive and emotional factors.
  2. Impact on education; may require a part-time timetable and support from ESTMA (Education Support Team for Medical Absence).
  3. Impact on physical activity discussed – activity plan agreed  (possible referral to Physiotherapy).
  4. Strategies identified to manage feelings.
  5. Quantity and quality of sleep explored.

Follow up – four to six weeks, then regular review.  Regular liaison with individual schools. Email and telephone contact available for advice.

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