Carers in Hertfordshire

Carers in Hertfordshire is a charity providing help and support to unpaid carers throughout Hertfordshire. Anyone who gives unpaid support to a friend or family member who couldn’t manage without them is a carer, and can get in touch. All our help is free, and our first concern is to support any carer, whatever their circumstances or the condition of the person receiving care. We aim to ensure that all carers in Hertfordshire are recognised and valued; are informed and supported in their caring role; have an opportunity for a life outside caring; can exercise a collective voice; and can be involved in consultation and planning to ensure high quality support services for themselves and the people they care for.

For more information, please call 01992 586969, email, or visit

Information and advice

Whether you need a bit of help understanding benefits or filling in a form, or longer term advice to support you in your caring role, Carer Support Advisors are only a phonecall away. They can help you understand what services available nearby and how to access them, and help you to have a break from caring.

Just call on 01992 586969. 

Carers in Hertfordshire also has specific support available for different groups of carers, including parent carers, carers of someone with dementia, carers of someone with drug and alcohol issues, carers of people with mental health problems and carers of people with learning disabilities. 

Support groups

Carers in Hertfordshire support lots of carers groups across the county, and can put you in touch with your local group. Having the time and space to talk to other people who look after someone and understand what you are going through can help you feel less isolated, find out useful information, and have some time to yourself to relax and chat. 

Admiral Nurse

Carers in Hertfordshire hosts an Admiral Nurse called Tia Davolls. Tia is a registered mental health nurse specialising in dementia and is there to help carers understand a diagnosis, manage daily life, be supported in decision-making and plan for the future.

If you look after someone with an actual or probable dementia diagnosis, and live in the Stevenage area, contact Tia on 01992 586969 or email 

Learning and leisure

Carers in Hertfordshire also run a variety of free courses, workshops and outings, to give you a break from caring and have some time for you. Learn a new skill, like creative writing or digital photography; try a course to help you in your caring, like managing a personal budget or manual handling; or join one of their day trips to local attractions. Whatever you do, it’s a great way to get out and meet new people. 

Having a voice

They run a variety of events and forums where you can have your say on local services, what’s working and what needs to be improved. Coming together can make the voice of carers stronger and help to make real changes to services. 

Young carers

Young carers are young people who help look after someone in their family and take on responsibilities normally done by an adult. Carers in Hertfordshire’s Young Carers Project supports young carers aged 8-19 and their families to make sure their caring responsibilities don’t stop them from having the same opportunities, and social life, that other young people enjoy.

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