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The Trust recognises the vital role that carers play in ensuring the health and well-being of those they care for. The Trust is committed to ensuring a partnership approach to working with carers is adopted in which the role of carers, along their expertise and understanding of the patient’s needs, are recognised and taken into account when planning patient care, treatment and discharge.

Carers may not always perceive themselves as carers and may just consider themselves as partners, relatives or friends. Staff are expected to help carers recognise the extent of their involvement and commitment so that their needs as carers can be assessed and supported.

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Are you a carer? 

Do you provide help and (unpaid) support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour who could not manage without your help? The person you care for may have a physical or learning disability, dementia, mental health problems, may misuse drugs or alcohol or may be ill or frail. 

Carer handbook

The carer handbook provides information on the help and support that is available to you, what to expect with a hospital admission and how to ensure a safe and secure transition back to the community. 

Tell us you are a carer and ask what we can do to support you 

Identifying carers as soon as possible in an episode of care so that their role in supporting patient can be acknowledged from the outset and their needs addressed within the plan of care. 

The Trust recognises that carers have a unique expertise and skill in understanding the needs of the person in their care and staff are encouraged to listen to and respect carers views, so tell us about the person you care for. 

We understand that carers themselves may be admitted as patients.  As a result, you will require advice and support about your expected recovery so that you can make plans for those in your care whilst you may be unavailable to look after them. 

What carers can expect from us:

  • To be respected as partners in care
  • Provided with information, such as the carers information leaflet
  • How to get support from voluntary agencies or how to access a carers assessment
  • Information about the person you care for, what to expect while they are in hospital, the expected discharge plan and likely continuing care needs – discharge booklet
  • Being given time to discuss and exercise choice within your role as a carer while the person you care for is in hospital. Ask us about our carers agreement

All of these commitments are set out in the Trust’s carers policy.

What we can provide you with:

  • Concessionary parking for frequent visitors – reductions for weekly, monthly and three-monthly tickets. Please ask the ward staff to arrange
  • A partnership approach to care, recognising the carer’s expertise for the person they care for
  • Identification as a carer with the use of ‘I am a Carer’ sticker
  • Staff discount in the hospital restaurant and coffee shop with the use of ‘I am a Carer’ sticker (available from ward) or  Carers Passport ID card
  • Staff discount in the Pharmacy Shop with the use of ‘I am a Carer’ sticker (available from ward) or Carers Passport ID card
  • Open visiting hours as set out in the Trust’s carers agreement
  • Facilities to stay overnight with the person you care for if required
  • Provision of hot and cold drinks and evening ‘snack bags’ when using the ‘I am a Carer’ sticker
  • Referrals to support agencies, GPs and local Carer Charity group

Need help and advice – then contact our carers lead

Jodie Deards is the Trust’s carers lead – she can be contacted during normal working hours on any of:


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Useful Info

When you leave hospital please tell us about your experience by completing a Carers survey.

Alternatively, you can contact our carers Lead:

Jodie Deards


T: 075544 38517

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