Feedback/treatment monitoring forms

This is needed to help monitor the child/young person’s progress particularly if they’ve been started on medication.  Ideally, feedback is needed before every clinic appointment. It is also useful for parents/carers to attach any relevant school progress reports to the feedback forms.

Available forms:

East Hertfordshire

ADHD Initial Assessment Letter – School Feedback

Feedback forms ADHD Clinic Hertford County Hospital

School Progress Information Letter

North Hertfordshire

Feedback forms for parents (North Hertfordshire-CDC Danestrete, Lister Hospital ADHD clinic)

Feedback form for School (North Hertfordshire CDC, Lister Hospital ADHD Clinic)

Feedback form Self report for young people in secondary school

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Please note:

  • You can download forms, complete and attach other relevant feedback.
  • You can mail, fax or bring feedback along to appointment.

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