ADHD psycho-education

What is ADHD psycho-education?

Once ADHD is diagnosed, the next step in management is a multi-modal approach. Psycho-education a well established evidence based practice. This includes providing information on ADHD and its management, empowering patients and parents with necessary skills. Psycho education for patient/parents/carers and professionals start when the diagnosis of ADHD is confirmed. Psycho-education continues throughout the course of ADHD management irrespective of use of medications. The aim of a psycho-educational approach is encourage symptom recognition, allow active participation in treatment, enhance adherence to treatment – both pharmacological and non-pharmacological – and provide patients and families with coping skills to manage their child’s ADHD.

ADHD psycho-education groups

We run a peer support group for children and young people with ADHD. This group enables the young people to meet in  a safe environment and gain support from a group of their peers and the professionals . We give the young people strategies to help them deal with difficulties they may encounter due to their condition. We also provide information about medication and give support regarding further education and employment.

We run the group for two different age groups – school years 5 to 8 and school years 9 and above.  The groups run after school for one hour in the Child Zone at the New QEII Hospital in Welwyn Garden City.

For further details contact:

Ruth Beets
ADHD Nurse Specialist
01438 288347

ADHD Psycho-education groups for primary school age children (wideawakekidz) will be starting soon in North Hertfordshire (contact the ADHD nurse service Danestrete CDC for more information)

The following are a list of useful websites from which information sheets about ADHD can be downloaded:

Help for kids with ADHD
National Institute of Mental health – ADHD
Young Minds – ADHD
ADHD: Information for parents, carers and anyone working with young people
Mental Health Foundation – ADHD
Children and Adults with Attention Defict/Hyperactivity Disorder
Austin Child Guidance Center
Working With Your Child’s School
Psycho-education course by ADDISS

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