ADHD directory of information

In this section, you can find our directory of support groups useful web links and other resources:


Family Lives
Living with ADHD

Local links/support

North Herts Angels (North Hertfordshire)
For parents of children with suspected or formally diagnosed ADHD/ ASD – offers meetings, coaching groups and activities

East Hertfordshire – ADD- Vance – ADHD training, coaching, support/helpline

Information about ADHD national standards

Useful reading

Title Author
Can I tell you about ADHD? A guide for friends, family and professionals Susan Yarney (2013). Illustrated by Chris Martin. Jessica Kingsley Publishers
All Dogs Have ADHD Kathy Hoopmann
ADHD at your fingertips (A guide for Teenagers) CR Yemula and RH Kathane (2010)
Understanding ADHD Green C. and Chee K. (1998)
All about ADD TW Phelan
Treating Explosive Kids: The Collaborative problem solving approach Greene R. (2010)
How to teach and manage children with ADHD Fintan O’Regan (2002)
I have ADHD/ADD – So What – A Guide for Teens and Adults Dr Marius Potgieter
Understanding ADHD Dr C Green
Everything a child should know about ADHD- 2nd edition Green C. and Chee K. (1998)
All about ADD Dr CR Yemula
ADHD at your finger tips- a guide for teenagers Dr CR Yemula
The special brain- fiction(explaining ADHD neurobiology to the child )- contact the ADHD nurse service for more information Dr S Yarney
Rainbow (fiction) explaining ADHD in girls-contact the ADHD nurse service for more information Dr S Yarney
Transition information for children and young people with ADHD/ADD- contact ADHD nurses for more information Dr S Yarney, Tracy Bacon
Solving children’s sleep problems- a step by step guide for parents Dr Lyn Quine
1-2-3 magic (providing structured rules for challenging behaviour) TW Phelan
The explosive child RW Greene
Surviving your adolescents TW Phelan

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