Cancel/change appointment

Every year thousands of people fail to attend their appointments. Missed appointments can lead to inefficient use of staff and increased waiting times, which can have a negative impact on patient care. When a patient does not attend their appointment it costs the NHS approximately £160.

If you cannot make your appointment, no longer need it or want to rearrange it please let us know using the details below.

You need to do this by telephone if your appointment:

  • Is within the next 48 hours
  • Is an inpatient appointment
  • Is at the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre
  • You would prefer not to use our online service

Cancelling or changing your outpatient appointment online

Did you know you can now cancel or change your appointment online? So long as you give us at least 48 hours notice, you can cancel or change your outpatient appointment at the Hertford County, Lister or New QEII hospitals.

It’s simple.  Just click on the link below and complete the form.  We will do the rest. You can get all of the information you need to complete the form on your appointment letter.

Online form to cancel or change your outpatient appointment

Unfortunately we can’t process cancellations online with less than 48 hours notice (which excludes weekends and public holidays). If your appointment is in the next 48 hours and you need to cancel, please telephone to let us know.

We understand that the date or time of your appointment may not be the most convenient for you, however we would ask you to be as flexible as possible when accepting appointments. It will help us to ensure you are seen as quickly as possible and by the correct clinician.  Patients who cancel two consecutive appointments will be discharged back to the care of their GP.  This includes those people who ask for an appointment to be changed or moved to a different date, as this still requires the first appointment to be cancelled.  If the same happens for the new date arranged for the replacement appointment, then patients will be discharged back in to the care of their GP.

What happens if I cancel my appointment for a second time?

If you cancel an appointment for a second time, even if the request is to change or move the appointment date, the normal process followed by the NHS is that your care will be passed back to your GP.  We are aware, of course, that sometimes the circumstances that lead people to cancel their appointments can be beyond their personal control.  That’s why our consultants, when provided with the reasons for cancellation, can use their discretion to rebook – but only if specific set criteria apply.  To find out more about these criteria, as well as the policy the Trust uses to manage its waiting lists, please click here and go to the section on outpatient appointment cancellations.

Telephone contact details

If you need to change your appointment and would prefer to do so by telephone, then in the vast majority of cases your appointment letter will have a contact number that you should use.  Where this is the not case, then please contact the hospital’s switchboard (01438 314333) and ask to be put through to the relevant team for your appointment.

Mount Vernon Cancer Centre

Contact details to cancel or change an appointment should be contained within your appointment letter.  But if you don’t have this information, you can contact the cancer centre directly as follows:

Radiotherapy appointments – 01923 844677
Chemotherapy appointments – 01923 844639

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