Meet the team

Our team is made up of chaplains and volunteers who provide spiritual care and support to our patients, their families and our staff.  The team is based at the Lister, other than one member who is based at the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre

Rachel Allen (Anglican – Church of England), chaplaincy team lead and based at the Lister

Jane Hatton (Anglican – Church of England), based at the Lister

Anthony Curran (Roman Catholic), based at the Lister

Michael Sijuwade (Elim Pentecostal), based at the Lister 

Rizwan Rawat (Muslim), based at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre


Chaplaincy volunteers

We have a number of volunteers who support the chaplaincy team. We are always on the look out for more volunteers to help in the sometimes demanding but very rewarding spiritual care of patients in hospital.

Sunday volunteers

These are a group of people who enable patients to attend the chapel for a Sunday service. Volunteers visit each ward to inform patients that there will be a service that morning, and ask if they would like to come to the service, be visited by a chaplain or receive communion by their bedside.

Patients who would like to attend the service are accompanied from the wards by our volunteers who attend to their non-medical needs during the service. After the service, our volunteers help the patients back to the ward. We appreciate that volunteers might not be able to help every Sunday, but we like them to be able to give a regular commitment, such as one Sunday a month.

Ward volunteers

These volunteers, under the direction of a chaplain, will make weekly visits to patients on an allocated ward. They offer listening, befriending and pastoral skills. This may also involved praying with patients, where appropriate.


Patients & Visitors