Spiritual and pastoral care team

Our mission statement 

As a multi-faith and belief team within the Trust, we support patients, visitors, staff and volunteers.

We are here not to direct but to walk alongside, not to tell but to listen, not to judge but to understand.

We enable people to connect to their own sources of strength, comfort and hope.

Here for all. Listening to you: heart and soul.

About us

The Trust’s spiritual and pastoral care team is made up of chaplains, honorary chaplains and volunteers. We are available to support patients, along with their families and carers, during their time in hospital. We also offer staff support on request.

Each chaplain takes responsibility for seeing patients on particular wards, to ask how we might best support them during their time in hospital, and can then refer to colleagues for any requests that are specific to a particular faith/belief tradition. 

Each of our chaplains is with us for varying hours, so please let us know as soon as possible after your admission if you would like to see a chaplain from a particular tradition, and we will do our best to help. We also call in Roman Catholic clergy from the local area to support patient’s sacramental needs on request.

We have honorary chaplains who are Liberal Jewish, Christian Orthodox, Pagan and Coptic Orthodox, available on request,  and hope to have a good Orthodox Jewish link soon.

We all cover all Trust sites, including the Lister, Mount Vernon, New QEII and Hertford County.


Rachel AllenRachel Allen (Team lead/Church of England full time)
Michael_SijuwadeMichael Sijuwade (Pentecostal 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday)
Rizwan RawatRizwan Rawat (Muslin, full time)
John O’NeillJohn O’Neill (Roman Catholic, three days a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Mary PorterMary Porter (Humanist, six hours a week. Usually Wednesdays)
Bhante SamithaBhante Samitha (Buddhist, two hours a week. Usually Tuesdays)
Vijay OzaVijay Oza (Hindu, two hours a week)
Tirath Singh BhavraTirath Singh Bhavra (Sikh, two hours a week. Usually Tuesdays)
Terry Wolfe Terry Wolfe (Liberal Jewish, two hours a week. Usually Tuesdays) 


Find out more in our chaplaincy leaflet.

Facilities in hospital

There are multi-faith chapels at the Lister and Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, which offer places of quiet tranquility where everyone is welcome. There are prayer leaflets and resources from a variety of faith and belief traditions, and some books of non-religious poetry, as well as a prayer tree. There is often music playing in these spaces, and we hope everyone can access their peace. 

We also have Muslim prayer rooms at both the Lister and Mount Vernon, and a multi-faith room at the New QEII.

Jewish staff, patients and visitors make use of the quiet room at the Lister (opposite the multi-faith chapel) to welcome in the Sabbath.

Services, festivals and reflection spaces


  • At 12.30 each weekday, chaplains gather in the chapel when possible for a 10 minute time of silent reflection. All welcome.
  • We have a Christian service in the chapel at Lister every Sunday (we try to alternate between Roman Catholic,  C of E and Pentecostal forms of service, with holy communion.) Holy Communion is also available at the bedside each Sunday.
  • Every Tuesday, mindfulness meditation sessions are available in the chapel – great for stress reduction and accessible for everyone. No experience needed, just come.
  • We have Muslim Jumuah Prayers in the chapel each Friday.
  • Each Friday evening, the Shabbos/Sabbath room is available for Jewish staff, patients and visitors to welcome the Sabbath. If you’d like to welcome the Sabbath at the bedside, we can make arrangements for battery operated candles and non-alcoholic kosher wine to be brought to you on request.

Mount Vernon Cancer Centre

  • A Church of England Communion Service is held in the chapel each Wednesday at 12.30pm. 
  • A Roman Catholic service of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is held in the chapel on the first Friday of the month, from 12.00 to 12.30pm. 
  • Bedside communion is available at any time.
  • Muslim Jumuah Prayers are held every Friday in the prayer room upstairs.
  • Mindfulness sessions can be held on request.

We celebrate the festivals of all major religions on both inpatient sites and at New QEII and Hertford County on request.

What we do

  • We provide a listening ear, allowing people to reflect on their experiences
  • We treat people with dignity, respecting the individual as a whole person
  • Provide an outlet to express loss, fear, anger and sorrow
  • Respond quickly to emergency call-outs to patients who are dying, those in distress or when there has been a death in the hospital
  • Make arrangements for emergency weddings where possible
  • Access to holy books, prayer and meditation resources, non-religious resources to nurture your spirit
  • Offer training for staff groups on aspects of spiritual, cultural and religious care, to ensure everyone’s needs are respected

Contact the team

We are always pleased to visit anyone referred to us – and not only patients, but their families and our own staff too. We offer a 24 hour seven day a week on-call service across the Trust for life and death emergencies.

You can call the team on 01438 285519 and leave a message, and in emergency staff can contact the duty chaplain via switchboard.

You can also email the team: spiritualcare.enh-tr@nhs.net



Useful Info

We offer a 24 hour on call service. Referrals are either classed as urgent (to be seen quickly) or non-urgent. Staff can contact the spiritual and pastoral care team via pager by ringing the hospital switchboard (01438 314 333) and asking for the duty chaplain.

Patients & Visitors