Information for overseas patients

The NHS is for residents of the UK only – regardless of holding a British passport, having an NHS number, an NHS doctor or paid taxes or national insurance contributions in the past.

Most NHS services are free to people who live in the UK permanently. You must live here lawfully and on a settled basis to receive free treatment. If you are not ordinarily a resident in the UK, you may have to pay for your hospital treatment.

NHS trusts have a statutory obligation to identify patients who are not entitled to free NHS treatment and to charge them for the treatment they receive (under the NHS Charges to Overseas Visitors Regulations, 2015).

We will always provide treatment that is immediately necessary or urgent, but we reserve the right not to provide treatment that, in the opinion of a clinician, is not immediately necessary or urgent. In this event, we will not provide care until the cost has been paid in full, in advance.

Emergency and maternity treatment is regarded as immediately necessary or urgent and NHS care will always be provided. Treatment given in our emergency department (ED) is exempt from charges, but patients receiving any other emergency care, including maternity, anywhere else in the hospital will be charged if they are not eligible for free treatment.

To establish your eligibility, the Trust may ask you questions about your residential status when you register for a clinical appointment. This can apply to any patient regardless of nationality or if you’ve paid taxes in the past.

In order to assess your eligibility, the Trust has several processes in place; the NHS Entitlement and the overseas visitors team may contact you to ask for evidence of your residency in the UK to exempt you from charges.

If you have any queries regarding NHS entitlement please call one of the team on the contact numbers below or email us at

Service co-ordinator
NHS entitlement and overseas visitors team
Karen Stroud
01438 288469

Private and overseas patient manager – cancer services
Michael Glynn
0203 826 2464

NHS entitlement administrator
Sue Pearce
01438 284434

NHS entitlement administrator
Anna Meddick
01438 286325

NHS entitlement administrator
Nina Davies
01438 285262

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