Information for journalists

Media enquiries

All media enquires should come through the Trust’s communications team. This is to:

  • Protect the rights of our patients and staff to privacy and confidential treatment
  • Maintain the Trust’s reputation within the community and the confidence our patients have in the quality of our services 
  • Help promote the achievements of our dedicated staff
  • Make sure our staff and the Trust can reply to any negative press
  • Support our staff when they are dealing with a media enquiry

Filming and photography

If you would like to film or take photographs of any our hospitals for any reason you have to make a request to our public affairs team.

Anyone conducting interviews, filming or taking photographs at any of our hospitals without written permission will be asked to leave. We will charge a fee to cover costs of any filming or photography that is not health news related.

Patient condition checks

We are not able to give out any patient information or details of their care without the patients or their next of kin’s informed consent.

Hertfordshire police operates a patient condition check system when investigating an incident, for example a road accident. This allows us to give the media basic condition checks on these patients, while at the same time protecting their right to confidentiality.

Our press releases

All of our press releases can be viewed on our website.


Useful Info

If you have a media enquiry you can contact our press office:

By telephone - 01438 285362 or 01438  285940 (normal office hours only)

Out-of-hours - switchboard (01438 314333) (available 24-hours a day)