Ms Shachi Mudgal

Consultant Obstetrician



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Secretary Contact Details

Tel: 01438 286175


Women and Children’s




Diabetes in pregnancy, Perinatal mental health, High risk obstetrics

Hospital Base


Clinic Locations

New QEII (combined perinatal mental health antenatal clinic, combined endocrinology antenatal clinic and high-risk antenatal clinic)


Ms Mudgal was appointed as Consultant Obstetrician at East and North Herts NHS trust in 2011. She trained in the Wessex Deanery and worked at Portsmouth, Poole, Bournemouth and Southampton University Hospital. She completed her advanced training in Labour Ward Practice and Maternal Medicine.

She is Lead Consultant for Perinatal Mental Health and provides joint care with a consultant psychiatrist to women with complex mental health disorders. She provides care to pregnant women with endocrinological disorders such as diabetes in conjunction with a consultant physician.

She is a member of departmental guideline committee which reviews and updates departmental guidelines. She has keen interest in medical education, has an Education Certificate in Medical Education and is the undergraduate tutor for the department.

Ms Mudgal is committed to providing safe, timely, and effective evidence based care and ensuring that pregnancy and child birth is a positive experience for women and their families.