Neonatal Big Build appeal

Creating a better experience for parents with poorly babies in neonatal care

Having a new baby admitted to special care is very distressing. With this project, we hope to make a hard time a little more comfortable.

The neonatal unit at the Lister cares for over 900 poorly babies each year. The average stay on the neonatal unit at the Lister is 12 weeks.

There is currently a small family’s lounge in our neonatal unit, which only has enough room for six visitors at a time. The unit is often at, or close to, the full capacity of 30 babies; with two visitors per baby allowed on the ward. Due to the often long periods of time babies spend in the neonatal team’s care, it becomes a home away from home for parents, as well as grandparents and siblings. With larger families and limited room for toys, this can become very problematic. This means that the demand for the family room far outweighs capacity.

The current neonatal room at the Lister

A new room will cost £338,000 and it will make a huge difference to families by:

  • Improving their privacy and comfort
  • Providing a designated area and toys for siblings to play
  • Allowing grandparents and extended family to visit
  • Providing a space to cook meals

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