Meet our charity volunteers

Mark Jones Charity ChampionMark Jones

Senior charge nurse: Lister Macmillan Cancer Centre

Mark is the Senior Charge Nurse for the Lister Macmillan Cancer Centre and works tirelessly with the charity team to raise money for his department to support his patients and staff.

He is always on hand to support patients and their families who want to fundraise for the Centre including promoting fundraisers and attending events to inform people about the important work of the centre.

Deloris Brown - Charity ChampionDeloris Brown

Matron/lead nurse: special care baby unit

Del acts as a huge support for SCBU fundraisers such as Camilla Hamilton, who has set-up her own SCBU Parent Support Group which raises thousands for the unit every year. Del is always on hand to help arrange cheque presentations and encourage donations for the unit.

Marilyn GoodhewMarilyn Goodhew

Senior play specialist: children’s ward

Marilyn spends a lot of time working with the charity and is always looking for ways in which the charity can help her department. She has recently worked very closely with the charity to raise successfully the £250,000 needed to install a new playroom on the children’s ward – which opened in July 2015. Marilyn regularly visits schools educating them about their local hospital and also letting schools know about ways in which they can support the hospital’s charity.