Working in partnership

Everyone appreciates that consumers are more likely to buy from an organisation that supports charitable giving, especially if it is a local cause that the consumer has a personal affiliation to. Promoting the work of the charity and letting people know the difference your involvement is making to our hospitals is just as important to us as naturally we hope it will encourage other organisations to get involved.

Below are a few ideas on how we can communicate your involvement to the local community.

  • The fundraising team is happy to help you maximise public relations opportunities
  • We can arrange hospital tours for employees who wish to know more about the work they are supporting.
  • To provide first rate care to our patients could not be achieved without additional support and saying thank you is very important to us. For larger donations we would like to provide a ‘thank you’ plaque which will be put up in the area of the hospital you have helped.
  • We have over 5,600 staff and an additional 10,000 public members who we regularly communicate to through newsletters and emails. We would ensure that you had a voice to this audience and that they are fully aware of how you are supporting us.