FAQs about the chaplaincy service

Can I get married in hospital?

A wedding can be performed in the hospital in an emergency. Contact the chaplains who will help you to arrange this.

Can my baby be baptised or blessed?

When a baby or child is seriously ill, going for major surgery or the decision has been made to withdraw treatment, some parents request that their child is baptised.

Our chaplains also offer a naming and blessing service for babies who have died.

Can I request a chaplain for someone who is dying or has died?

Chaplains will attend to patients who are dying and those who have died, providing support and any appropriate religious services and prayers. Ask a member of staff to contact the chaplaincy team for you.

Who are the chaplains accountable to?

The chaplains are employees of East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust. They are subject to the same codes of conduct and policies as everyone else who work for the Trust. In addition, chaplains are also required to have accreditation from the faith group they represent. Their professional body is the College of HealthCare Chaplains.