Neonatal nurse appears on BBC show to share battle with anorexia

Lister neonatal nurse Hannah Robinson appeared on national television earlier this month to talk about her experience fighting anorexia nervosa. Hannah told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme that she first began suffering from the eating disorder when she just 15-years-old.

Above: Neonatal nurse Hannah Robinson 

Hannah said:

“My history with anorexia wasn’t widely known and something I kept private. I decided to go on the Victoria Derbyshire programme because I realised that I needed to be a voice for those going through similar experiences but don’t feel able to speak about out. Those suffering should be able to access good, quality care quickly.

“Early intervention is key. Anorexia is a mental condition, but often people just focus on the physical symptoms. To treat anorexia effectively, the mental symptoms have to be treated too.

“My colleagues in the Lister’s neonatal team have been incredibly supportive. We’re like one huge family. In October 2017, the Trust provided funding for me to complete an intensive care nursing course at University. Again, the support they gave me was amazing!”