Surgeons from around the world attend Lister training course

Surgeons from around the world joined Mr George Mochloulis (pictured furthest left), consultant head and neck surgeon, for his second advanced thyroid monitoring course at the Lister. The surgeons had a day of training, including lectures and a live surgical demonstration.

Trust consultant Mr George Mochloulis said:

“Thyroid surgery is a common surgical procedure for benign and malignant thyroid disease. One of the main complications of thyroid surgery can be permanent damage to the nerves that supply the vocal cords, leading to voice alterations. Continuous intraoperative nerve monitoring helps the surgeon reduce the risk of permanent damage to the voice and improves outcomes for the patient.

“Over the last five years, I have introduced and pioneered this technique in the UK. Having performed the largest number of cases nationally, I am now run a twice yearly, one national and one international training course for surgeons wishing to learn and introduce this technique into their own practice.

“In our recent course, I was pleased to welcome surgeons from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Greece, Finland, Hungary and Belgium. I was delighted to see how my fellow surgeons were keen to adopt this technique in their respective practices.”



  • Intraoperative is something that occurs or is performed during a surgical operation.