Trust selected as first European site for bladder cancer study | East and North Herts NHS Trust

Trust selected as first European site for bladder cancer study

Following a competitive selection process, the Trust has been chosen by KDx Diagnostics as the first European site to lead a study looking into whether KDx’s UroX Biomarker can help improve diagnosis and outcomes for patients with bladder cancer. A biomarker is a measurable indicator of the severity or presence of a disease.

Trust urology consultant Mr. Nikhil Vasdev has been named as the study’s chief investigator at the Lister after KDx Diagnostics co-founder and president, Mrs. Sholeh Jahanfard, visited the hospital in January.

Mr. Nikhil Vasdev said:

“It’s an honour to be selected to lead the UroX study at the Lister, making the hospital the first active site in Europe. The study could help validate a new test that will benefit patients with bladder cancer by improving diagnosis, but also help better monitor patients that were previously diagnosed with the condition. The National Institute for Health Research has included this study within their portfolio, which will put the Lister on the international stage as a clinical site of excellence in bladder cancer research. I would like to thank Alex Hampson, Lucy Sheppard, Michael Chilvers and Nick Carver for all their hard work and support.”

Mrs. Sholeh Jahanfard said:

“It was a pleasure to visit from San Francisco for the site visit activation at the Lister. The urology research team led by Mr. Vasdev and pathology team led by Dr. Samita Agarwal have all resources and expertise to run the UroX study.”

Dr. Nam Kim, CEO and co-founder of KDx Diagnostics, said:

“We are very proud to be working with Mr. Vasdev and his team at the Lister in validating the KDx test. This test has the potential to ensure that more bladder cancer patients are diagnosed sooner and treated better and that’s a key mission for our company.”

Recruitment for the study is due to begin in February 2019.


  • Nick Carver is the Trust’s chief executive.
  • Michael Chilvers is the Trust’s medical director.
  • Alex Hampson is a urology research fellow at the Trust.
  • Lucy Sheppard is a research and development co-ordinator at the Trust.