Generous donations fund advanced urology equipment at the Lister

Urology procedures carried out at the Lister will be made much easier thanks to new equipment purchased from donations by The Twin Towns Cycling Group and another donor.

The new state-of-the-art equipment, which is worth around £37,000, will enable procedures to take place in clinic, outside the usual main theatre environment; removing the need for general anaesthetic.

This new method for diagnosing prostate cancer will put the Lister at the forefront of modern diagnostics and the hospital will be a regional training centre led by urology consultant Miss Charlotte Foley.

Jim Adshead, consultant urological surgeon at the Lister, said:

“We are extremely grateful for the generous donations that have made the purchase of this equipment possible. With procedures taking place in clinic they will be less intimidating, providing a more relaxed environment for our patients.”  

The funds were raised through a number of cycling challenges completed by the Twin Towers Cycling Group and a generous donation by an individual donor.

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