Trust statement: discharge summaries

“The Trust’s foremost priority is to provide our patients with high quality care that keeps them safe from harm.  Following the introduction of a new electronic patient record system – Lorenzo – at the Trust in September 2017, a detailed review carried out recently by the Trust has not been able to identify sufficient evidence that discharge summaries were issued for around 14,600 of people during this period.

“At present, there is no evidence that any patients have come to harm. The Trust is prioritising the review of discharge summaries for those patients where a follow-up action (such as a further appointment or test being carried out) might have been needed.  These patients will have their records reviewed individually and should any outstanding actions be discovered, the Trust will take the lead in getting them sorted – this will include informing any individual patients involved, as well as their GPs. 

“Although the majority are expected not to contain any follow-up actions that have still to take place, where they are identified then the Trust will ensure that these are completed as a matter of urgency. There is no evidence that any patient has come to harm as a result of not having had their discharge summary. However, this position will be kept under review whilst the incident investigation continues.

“Although we will be speaking with any patient directly should a follow-up action be found that still needs to take place, anyone is worried about their discharge summary should call our patient advice and liaison service (PALS) team – 01438 285811 (Monday to Friday, office hours only) or”

Dr Michael Chilvers

Medical Director