Big Build appeal launched to raise money for new neonatal family room

The Lister’s hospital charity and the Neonatal Unit Families Group have launched an appeal aiming to raise money for a new neonatal family room at the hospital. The new room will provide a much larger space for families and includes a play area, kitchen and male shower facilities.

Above: Glyn Doggett from the Neonatal Unit Families Group with his son Max, who was born the Lister

Deloris Brown, deputy nursing services manager for neonatal, said:

“With an average stay of 10 weeks in our neonatal unit, our hospital often becomes a second home for families. The current family room in the unit is small, lacks cooking facilities and can only accommodate six visitors; demand for the room is more than the capacity we have available. At a time where parents don’t want to be away from the unit much, a new family room would make a world of difference to them.”

A new room would cost £338,000 and the hospital charity team are keen to hear from anyone who would like to support the project. For more information or to donate, visit the Just Giving page.