Michael Sobell Hospice – inpatient palliative care update

When it comes to the provision of services, the Trust often works closely with a number of third party organisations – including charities. For example, at the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, services to patients are provided by the Paul Strickland Scanner Centre, Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre and the Michael Sobell Hospice.

The Michael Sobell Hospice Charity is a separate organisation to the Trust, having its own management team and trustees. The Trust does not own the hospice, nor the land on which it is situated.  It has a contractual relationship with the Michael Sobell Hospice Charity, however, to provide nursing care to the inpatient service that until June 2018 was located within the hospice itself. Due to concerns about the building’s physical state, the Trust agreed with the hospice’s management team to relocate its inpatient service temporarily in to the nearby cancer centre. All other services run by the Charity in the hospice, such as day care, are not affected by this change.

The Hospice Charity is now engaging with its staff, volunteers, funders, supporters and other interested parties about the future of its services going forward.