Research participation up by 25%

The total number of people at the Trust taking part in research has increased by 25% when compared to last year.

From left: Rishma Bhatti (research and development manager), Phillip Smith (associate director of research and development) and Anita Holme (lead research nurse)

In 2017/18, 2,859 patients were entered into studies that are a part of the National Institute of Health Research portfolio. The number of research studies at the Trust has also increased to 144 in 2017/18 – more than any other year previous.

The Trust’s associate director for research and development, Phillip Smith, said:

“One of our main aims is for patients and the public to be engaged with, participate in and benefit from research and innovation at the Trust. Since our research strategy was introduced in 2016, we have increased patient participation in by 77% – an incredible achievement. It’s a fantastic to continue increasing the number of people taking part in research and we’re hoping to build on last year’s success and recruit 3,000 research participants in 2018/19.”