Trust invites local charities to help support Autism Awareness Week

The Trust’s paediatric team has invited other local organisations to join them and help support Autism Awareness Week this week.

The team will have stands in the Lister’s main entrance corridor and at the New QEII hospital to raise awareness of the disability that affects over 70,000 people in the UK. They will be supported by local charities Space, Add-vance and Angels who help children and families affected by autism.

The Trust’s autism lead and consultant paediatrician Dr Nivedita Bajaj said:

“Autism is a hidden disability and does not always manifest itself in a clear way, which is why Autism Awareness Week is so important.  Autistic people see, hear and feel the world differently to other people, making every day social interactions at home or in school more difficult. 

“The Trust’s autism team works closely with other organisations in Hertfordshire to help improve the quality of life for local children and their families affected by autism. Local charities like Space, Add-vance and Angels offer a fantastic support network for families, running parent support groups, workshops and parenting courses.”

You can find out more about autism by visiting the National Autistic Society website.