More Trust renal patients receiving transplants than ever before – Scott and Vicki’s story

In May 2014, Barton-le-Clay resident Scott Morgan began to experience painful cramps all over his body after playing football one afternoon. He knew something wasn’t right and booked an appointment to see his GP. A day later, he was brought into hospital after blood tests revealed that he was in the early stages of kidney failure.

Above: Scott Morgan and Vicki Allan-Smith

As Scott says:

“My blood pressure was incredibly high and I was very dehydrated, so they kept me in hospital for a week. My kidneys weren’t in a good way and the doctors weren’t sure what the cause was, but they think it was due to hypertension. I was soon told that I would need either dialysis or a kidney transplant from a live donor.”

Luckily, the hospital was able to find a donor for Scott – his sister-in-law and nurse Vicki Allan-Smith.

Vicki said:

“I love Scott, but I did it more for my sister Ellie. I knew she wanted to donate her own, but wasn’t able to. I used to work in the Lister’s renal unit, so I knew how much a transplant would change Scott’s life.

“I met with Sandra Cruickshank from the Lister’s transplant team, who talked me through the process of donating my kidney and what I should expect. The team were fantastic and all the tests to see if I was a suitable donor took place at the Lister, which was easy and convenient. The whole process took a year, which was just a few weeks before Scott would have needed to start dialysis.”

The operation took place in June 2015 at Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge, one of the UK’s transplant centres. The operation was done pre-emptively, meaning that Scott avoided the need for dialysis. They both made very quick recoveries.

Scott continues:

“We both kept positive throughout the whole experience, I wouldn’t let the condition beat me. I was able to return to work just a few months after the operation, and I still keep active and play football occasionally.”

Vicki said:

“I left hospital a few days after the operation, just before my daughter’s 18th birthday. I was able to go back to work three or four weeks later. Everything went so smoothly – we’re very lucky to have the NHS!”