More Trust renal patients receiving transplants than ever before

Nearly 80 renal patients were put forward for a transplant last year and received new kidneys at one of the Trusts three transplant providers, an 18% increase on the previous year.  

Above: The Trust’s transplant team with Dr Sarah Fluck (second left)

Speaking about the team’s performance, the Trust’s clinical lead for renal transplantation, Dr Sarah Fluck said:

 “A kidney transplant can transform the life of a patient with kidney failure, which is why I want to thank the generosity of our donors and their families. This is a fantastic achievement by the renal transplant team and has been made possible through positive and strong relationships with our patients and the transplant centres we work with, as well as the commitment and dedication of staff in the Lister’s renal department.”

Patients who may need a kidney transplant are assessed by a nephrologist first, who will decide whether they are healthy enough to receive a new kidney and if the benefits of a transplant outweigh the risks. If a transplant is the best option, the nephrologist will then refer the patient to the Lister’s transplant team, where a transplant co-ordinator will go through the process in detail and arrange the relevant tests. The team similarly work with and prepare people wishing to donate a kidney.