Research team recruits most number of patients to national trial

The Trust’s research team has recruited the most number of patients in England to a national study looking at whether a new ultrasound method will help reduce the number of patients needing a diagnostic operation, compared to the current approach. The study is being led at the Trust by consultant head and neck surgeon Mr George Mochloulis and consultant radiologist Dr Kanchana Rajaguru, and is being co-ordinated nationally by the University of Birmingham.

Above: The Trust’s research team (George Mochloulis second left and Kanchana Rajaguru far right)

The team has recruited over 157 patients to the Efficacy and cost effectiveness of real time ultrasound elastography in the investigation of thyroid nodules (ElaTION) trial.

Reflecting on the team’s work, chief investigator at the University of Birmingham, Professor Mehanna, said:

“Staff at the Trust, including Mr Mochloulis, Dr Rajaguru, senior research nurse Carina Cruz and research nurse Pearl Baker, has been tremendous. They have worked tirelessly to recruit patients for the ElaTION trial, and are the highest recruiting team for the whole study. Without their efforts, I don’t know where ElaTION would be!”